Sick of Career Politicians? Let’s Send In A Soldier

Conservatives across Alabama are rallying behind Republican combat veteran Mike Durant because he is the only political outsider in the race for Senate. In a field against a career politician and a lobbyist, Durant stands out as a veteran and businessman who has never held elected office.

In an interview on the Jocko Podcast, Mike Durant explained what motivated him to run for the Senate. “We need more people with true life experiences. Not career politicians. You know, I’m not going there to be in office for the rest of my life. I’m going there to try and make a difference.”

As a Blackhawk pilot in the Army, Durant was held captive as a Prisoner of War for eleven days. He wasn’t pushed around by warlords and terrorists, so we can trust that Mike won’t be pushed around by the woke mob and career politicians. He is tough enough to get the job done.

Mike has put forward a strong, conservative agenda focused on getting the government out of the way and leading with strength. Durant supports securing the border, cutting spending, protecting the Second Amendment, advancing pro-life policies, ending government mandates and imposing term limits on elected officials.

In addition to his 22 year career in the Army, Durant started and ran a business in Huntsville that employs hundreds of Alabamians, including many veterans. Unlike the other candidates, Durant has real-world business and military experience.

“Veterans have seen the sacrifice that people who have served this nation have made,” Durant said in the interview. “Then you see things like the way that Afghanistan was thrown away. You see the way that the southern border is being handled. You see this mandatory vaccine mandate…I can do this better than other people are doing it.”

Durant summed up why he chose to enter the race for the Senate: “It shouldn’t be about trying to further your own political career. It should be: ‘I’m here to serve the people of Alabama and the nation.’”

The Republican Senate primary is scheduled for May 24th. Be sure to head to the polls to support Republican veteran Mike Durant!

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