Conservative Outsider Mike Durant Surging in Alabama Senate Race

Despite being in the race less than two months, Army veteran and conservative businessman Mike Durant is surging in polls and gaining momentum across the state. 

Durant is best known for his military background, including his role in the “Black Hawk Down” incident. Durant was the lone survivor in a 1993 Black Hawk crash in Somalia, and he was held captive as a prisoner of war for eleven days. 

In a race against career politicians and political insiders, voters are drawn to Durant because of his strong conservative views and his outsider status. Durant supports cracking down on illegal immigration, standing up to China, and stopping overreaching government mandates. 

Durant’s surge comes as other candidates have failed to gain momentum with Alabama voters.

According to a report by 1819 News, Congressman Mo Brooks recently replaced his campaign team in an effort to revive his struggling campaign. A variety of publicly available polling shows Brooks falling from 55% in a poll released on October 17th to 31% in a poll released on December 13th. 

As another sign of Durant’s momentum, Brooks indicated in an interview with 1819 News that polling shows “veteran Mike Durant catching up to Britt in the polls. In fact, he said one poll he has seen from an Alabama source shows Durant and Britt tied. Brooks said he thinks it is possible that he will end up being in a runoff against Durant rather than [Katie] Britt.”

As a further sign of Durant’s appeal to Alabama voters, a December 13th poll from McLaughlin and Associates found that 68.6% of Alabama voters preferred “a candidate who is a political outsider and wants to change the way things are done in the U.S. Senate” compared to just 12.8% who preferred “a candidate who has been in elected office for almost four decades and wants to bring that experience to the U.S. Senate.”

It is clear that Mike Durant’s recent surge in the race will continue as voters learn more about him, his story as an American hero, and his strong conservative beliefs.

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