WATCH: Mike Durant – Soldier. Conservative. Outsider.

In an explosive development in the Alabama Republican primary for the U.S. Senate, a new ad highlights the remarkable story of conservative outsider Mike Durant. 

Durant is most widely known for being the lone survivor of the 1993 Black Hawk helicopter crash in Somalia. The new video highlights Durant’s story of being held captive for 11 days and tells voters about Mike’s new mission: fighting for Alabama in the U.S. Senate.

Durant has pledged to never give up the fight and will take on the radical Democrats and career politicians. Durant will always put America first and protect the values that we hold dear. He is pro-life, supports a strong military, believes in secure borders, and promises to get tough on China.

As a veteran and true political outsider, Mike Durant will not cower like some career politicians and political insiders.

Every Alabamian needs to see this video and get to know Mike Durant. He is the fighter and outsider we need representing us in the Senate.

Mike Durant. Alabama Conservative. American Hero.

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