American Hero Shakes Up Alabama Senate Race

Army veteran and political newcomer Mike Durant is running for the United States Senate in what is expected to be one of the most competitive primary elections in the country. Durant’s entrance into the race comes as other candidates have failed to gain significant support from Alabama voters.

In a race against career politicians and political insiders, Durant rises above the fray as the only candidate who has served his country in the military. Durant’s military background and conservative bonafides make him the most compelling candidate in a field of flawed candidates.

Recent polling shows that none of the candidates are close to earning a majority of support from Alabama voters. With Durant’s campaign just ramping up, he is in prime position to rise in the polls as voters learn more about his personal story and track record as a conservative outsider.

Durant has promised to be a voice for Alabamians: fighting to take on China, strengthen our military, secure the border, stand up to the woke mob, and cut taxes. His commonsense approach is a result of his years of experience in the private sector and as an Army pilot.

When it comes to comparing Durant to the other candidates in the race, the choice could not be more clear. Mike Durant has never sought political office before, and he doesn’t need the job. He views this as the best way to serve a state and country that has given him so much.  

Now more than ever, Alabama needs bold leadership and an outsider perspective in the Senate. Mike Durant is just the guy up for that task. He will take on the career politicians and bring some Alabama commonsense to the Senate. 

Mike Durant. American Hero. Alabama Conservative.

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